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Salzgitter - Town of contrasts

Salzgitter. To many people this name means a leading industrial area in Lower Saxony. And so it is. But that is only half the story and does not do justice to what this lively and lovable town, spread over a wide area, is really like. Salzgitter has far more to offer than employment for over 50.000 people in an innovative economy.

The town Salzgitter

Special features of this town spreading over 224 square kilometres, with 31 townships and 103.000 inhabitants, are the chance to live in natural surroundings, the leisure centre Lake Salzgitter, the mixed woodlands on the Lichtenberge hillsides and Salzgitter-Bad, a spa with official status, with one of the most powerful natural thermal saline springs in all of Germany. mehr ...

On the history trail

As Château Salder proves, although it was not founded till 1942 Salzgitter is not a test-tube town. It is part of an interesting cultural and historical region between the Harz Mountains and the Lüneburg Heath. Its deposits of iron-ore were well-known around the time of Christ's birth. Germanic tribes smelted it in 'smelting furnaces'. As early as 50.000 years ago an 'early Lower Saxon', an ice-age hunter, found the way to Salzgitter. His mortal remains were discovered in 1952. mehr ...

Events, art and culture

Jazz, rock, blues, fêtes, art exhibitions, concerts, workshops - Salzgitter its calendar of events is full to bursting. Indoors or outdoors. The activities are arranged by enthusiastic cultural societies, concert agencies and municipal offices specializing in literature, music, photography, theatre and other aspects. Classical-music lovers are in for a really special treat during the Ringelheim Organ Days in May and the Music Days in October. mehr ...

Water sport ahoy on Lake Salzgitter

Lake Salzgitter is South-East Lower Saxony its aquatic-sport centre. There is room for sailing, surfing, rowing and canoeing on its 75 hectares. Of course, you can 'just' swim in its waves, lie in the sun on the kilometres of sandy beach or jog along the surrounding paths. And it won't cost you a penny; there's no charge for using Lake Salzgitter. mehr ...

The powerful saline spa

Salzgitter drills into the earth´s interior in pursuit of health. In Salzgitter-Bad the water, with 25% natural thermal saline content, bubbles up from a depth of 200 metres. The spring is one of the most powerful in Central Europe, first documented in 1125. From the Rosengarten in the heart of the old town its water is pumped to the thermal saline bath where there are indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a Finnish-type sauna and a steam sauna, with a saline plunge pool. mehr ...

A world-class economy

Salzgitter´s products are known all over the world, and it is not just the Salzgitter AG that can make this claim. mehr ...


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